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This is the France Post Code page. This page includes the following content: Code Method, Envelope Example and Address Format, the way of writing the postal code correctly, reference link for postcode inquiries.


Envelope Example

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Coding Method

The postcodes of France began to be used in 1972 and consist of 5 numbers, e.g:

3 3 3 8 0

The first two digits represent the departement. The last three digits identify a more precise location. Due to France's complicated administrative divisions, the postcode structure varies in different departments or regions.

1. Postcodes of the departments of the continental France

A regular postcode always ends with a 0. In each departement, the préfecture (main city) has a postcode ending with 000 (except París, Marsella y Lyon), for example, the postcode of Bourges(the capital of Cher)is 18000.

The postcode of the vice-capital of each department usually ends with 00. For example, Mortagne-au-Perche(the vice-capital of Orne), has a postcode of 61400.

The postcode of Lépaud(a small town in Creuse)is 23170. Many towns share the same postcode.

The more important the city, the simpler the postcode.

2. Postcodes of París, Marsella y Lyon

Paris, Marseille, and Lyon are the three largest cities in France, so each city is divided into many districts marked with numbers. Each district has its own postcode, and the last two digits of the postcode are the district code. For example, the postcode for the 8th arrondissement of Paris is 75008.

Paris 16th district is an exception to this rule, which has two postcodes: 75016 (south) and 75116 (north).

3. Postcodes of overseas territories and collectivities in France

The postcodes of the overseas territories and collectivities in France usually start with a 3-digit number which is the code of the oversea territory and collectivity.

Overseas territories and collectivities Code
Guadeloupe 971
Martinique 972
French Guiana 973
Réunion 974
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 975
Mayotte 976
Saint-Barthélemy 977
Saint Martin 978
French Southern Territories984 984
Wallis and Futuna 986
French Polynesia 987
New Caledonia 988

For example, the code of French Guiana is 973, so the postcode of French Guiana Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is 97320.

4. CEDEX and postcodes of Monaco


CEDEX or Courrier d'Entrepriseà Distribution EXceptionnelle ("Special distribution of company mail") is a system designed for recipients of large amounts of mail. Public organizations or companies that have a need to receive large amounts of mail can apply a CEDEX postcode. The postcode ends with three unique numbers, for example:

12 rue de Broquedis

64205 Biarritz CEDEX

CEDEX should always be written in capitals.

  • Postcodes of Monaco

The French postal code system is also used in Monaco as if it were a French département numbered 98. However the destination country that has to be indicated, when sending a letter from outside the country, is "Monaco" and not "France".

12 avenue de la Costa

98000 Monaco


Address Format


33380 MIOS

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