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This is the Mauritius Post Code page. This page includes the following content: Code Method, Envelope Example and Address Format, the way of writing the postal code correctly, reference link for postcode inquiries.


Envelope Example

Mauritius Envelope.jpg

Coding method

Post codes in Mauritius consist of five digits (or a letter and four digits for an island). They were first introduced by Mauritius Post on a pilot basis, from January to March 2012, in Lallmatie, Bon Accueil and Brisée Verdière before being introduced in other localities across the island before the system went nationwide on 15 August 2014.


4 2 6 0 2

Agalega Islands' Post code is a letter and four digits:



The first digit of the code indicates the District Code in this case Flacq District, the second and third digits indicate Village Council Area Code for the town of Lalmatie, while the fourth and fifth digits indicate the Sub-Locality Code.

Address format

Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson
21, Old Trafford Road
Mission Cross
Lalmatie 42602

The first character

The first character of the code indicate the district when it is a number, or an island when it is a letter:

First Postal Code Character Region
1 Port Louis
2 Pamplemousses
3 Rivière du Rempart
4 Flacq
5 Grand Port
6 Savanne
7 Plaines Wilhems
8 Moka
9 Rivière Noire
A Agaléga
R Rodrigues

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