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Postal Code, ZIP Code of Sweden.


Coding method

Postal Codes in Sweden consist of 5 digits,with a space between 3rd and 4th digits and preceded by “SE-”.eg:

SE-114 55

In general,the first three digits represent the outward sorting,the last two digits represent the inward sorting.

Address format

The Swedish Post requires the ISO-2 country code to be used on all international mail items being delivered to Sweden. For domestic mail, ISO-2 code is not required.

International mail being delivered to Sweden:


Domestic mail:

120 35 TYRESÖ

List of postal codes in Sweden

1-digit postal number regions

1xx xx  Greater Stockholm
2xx xx  Skåne
3xx xx  South-East
4xx xx  South-West
5xx xx  South Central
6xx xx  West
7xx xx  North Central
8xx xx  Southern Norrland
9xx xx  Northern Norrland

2-digit postal number areas

Postnummer city/area
10x xx - 11x xx Stockholm
12x xx - 15x xx Greater Stockholm south
16x xx - 19x xx Greater Stockholm north
20x xx - 21x xx Malmö
22x xx Lund
23x xx - 24x xx South and central Skåne
25x xx Helsingborg
26x xx Northwestern Skåne
27x xx Southeastern Skåne
28x xx Northern Skåne
29x xx Northeastern Skåne
30x xx Halmstad
31x xx Halland
33x xx - 34x xx Southwestern Småland
35x xx Växjö
36x xx Central Småland
37x xx Blekinge
38x xx - 39x xx Eastern Småland and Öland
40x xx - 41x xx Göteborg
42x xx - 43x xx Greater Göteborg
44x xx - 47x xx Bohuslän and Dalsland
50x xx Borås
51x xx - 54x xx Västergötland
55x xx Jönköping
56x xx - 57x xx Northern Småland
58x xx Linköping
59x xx Southern Östergötland and northeastern Småland
60x xx Norrköping
61x xx Northern Östergötland
62x xx Gotland
63x xx Eskilstuna
64x xx Southern Södermanland
65x xx Karlstad
66x xx - 68x xx Dalsland and Värmland
69x xx Närke
70x xx Örebro
71x xx Närke
72x xx Västerås
73x xx Northeastern Närke and Västmanland
74x xx Uppland
75x xx Uppsala
76x xx Uppland
77x xx - 79x xx Dalarna
80x xx Gävle
81x xx Gästrikland
82x xx Hälsingland
83x xx Jämtlands län
84x xx Medelpad
85x xx Sundsvall
86x xx Medelpad
87x xx - 89x xx Ångermanland
90x xx Umeå
91x xx - 93x xx Västerbottens län
94x xx - 96x xx Norrbottens län
97x xx Luleå
98x xx Northern Norrbottens län

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